Wednesday, 14 September 2011

A fashion travelogue:

L’officiel and I have come a long way working together, and we have come up with some really good pieces of art & creativity.

The time when I was approached by the L’officiel Fashion Director - Amy Patel, with the concept of shooting for a fashion brand Louis Vuitton at the Kumbh Mela, I was a bit amazed as well as got afflated with such a blend of modern & traditional worlds.

It took me a li’l while to actually plan out the play of fashion with faith.

We walked out of our Hotel rooms, not knowing what to expect, but to capture the unexpected!

It was also quite a task for model at the shoot – Fiona, to be actually comfortable with the whole environment, which was so different from the regular shoots, amidst hundreds of devotees & strangers! But kudos to her for the performance!

The Mela being such an important occasion for thousands of people over the years had high security, which made it really difficult for us to get the exact place and time for that impeccable shot.

I roamed around with the decked up model and the whole team following us through the lanes of Haridwar from one ghaat to another and stopped wherever I felt we could capture the right mélange of our concept (It seemed funny at that time, but now I guess it was surely worth it).

I did not use any strobes for this shoot. Such as, no artificial light for any of my shots, apart from one which was taken at dusk time and I could really not do without the lights.

Also not to forget the brilliant work done by Amanender Sidhu on the models hair and make-up, who struck the right balance with the aesthetics of Mela and fashion sense.

I guess this is one the most unique experiences I ever had, the taste of this particular shoot will always hold a special place in my memories. 

 Here’s the video to actually take you through my experience…….


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