Friday, 5 August 2011

Being Rani

I love the way people have appreciated my initiative to start blogging, which now made me thinking about what my next blog should be on.. so I started digging through my archive and I came across this shoot that I did with Rani Mukhejee for L'officiel India..

(Sigh..!) It was one of my most memorable experiences, my favorite cover shoot..!

Rani is among the most stunning actors, I don't say this because of the personal rapport that I share with her, but because she is as beautiful a person inside as she looks in these pictures, not to mention how much fun it was to work with her.. the whole environment on the shoot becomes so lively and ecstatic with her presence, the whole aura that she carries with herself is something you don't experience everyday!

Talking about the pictures as a photographer, there is not much that one has to do, photographs imperatively become breathtakingly beautiful when shooting with a person like her!

Anyhow the shoot was themed on her itself i.e. "Being Rani" so all that I had to do was capture the quite Diva that resides within her.. and I'm sure you can see that in every picture that was shot..

I have so much to say about the whole experience that I had, but I'd rather let my pictures speak to you..

There is also a beautiful video that I have put together for you to see what went behind the pictures.. enjoy it..!!

Thanks to all the people who played a role in producing this shoot!
Special Thanks to Team - L'officiel India

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